January 19, 2009

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Capitalist

Long-starving poet Katy Lederer considers her unlikely transition to the world of hedge funds, and what it's meant for her art.

Benjamin Samuel

Proper art-making, despite what anyone says, is not proper lovemaking. It’s only a sellout who would even consider catering to the whims of others and responding deliberately to their petty desires. It stands to reason, then, that sellouts make excellent partners, but poor artists (not in the literal sense, of course). Such has forever been the central tenet of artistry, but is there not a Third Way?

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- posted on Jun 26, 09
Brook Cross

Great interview. ..well done. Very interesting person. I like her points of view and her languaging. She is speaking on this coming Wedsnesday in Irvine, CA at a meeting on UCI campus. I'm looking forward to hearing more then.

Article by Benjamin Samuel

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