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What It's Like To Pick Up Tennis In Your 50s

Gerald Marzorati began playing in his 50s. He got a book deal out of it—and a pretty good one-handed backhand.


Score One For Sabermetrics!

That's the cry of a Sonoma Stompers broadcaster early last season, when Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller tried to take their baseball analytics into the dugout.


Balling with the President

SI's Alexander Wolff looks at Obama through the lens of his basketball game.


Confronting the Thugs

ESPN Producer Justine Gubar gets up close with fan violence in Fanaticus.


The TV-Recapper of the Mets Soap Opera

Greg Prince has chronicled the ups and downs and ups of Mets fandom for over a decade.


Mark Kram Jr. Honors His Father's Legacy Forwards and Backwards

The author opens up about his new collection of the work of the man who gave him his name, and then borrowed it.


Baseball Took His Vision and Gave Him Everything Else

Broadcaster Ed Lucas and his son Chris describe a life spent in baseball.


From Landlords to Monopolists

Mary Pilon examines the strange and hidden origins of America's favorite game.


Don't Call It a Longform Comeback

Glenn Stout says sportswriting has never been better off. And he's in a position to know.

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