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March 11, 2014

Reliving Showtime

Author Jeff Pearlman looked back at the most memorable team of the '80s—the Kareem, Magic, and Pat Riley-led Lakers—and found the lesser-known players had a lot more to share.

Alex Eidman

If you grew up with NBA TV and a penchant for faking a cold to stay home from school, you may have caught the Showtime-era Lakers on NBA Hardwood Classics. The dramatic music would fade up and the host would wax poetic about Magic's passing, Kareem's Sky Hook, and a glitz-fed city under the spell of an electrifying team. It was important basketball edification for those not old enough to have seen the spectacle live. Now, you can find a limitless array of YouTube videos, with killer '80s music beats to boot.

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- posted on Jun 16, 14

People are so star struck that they believe any thing that comes out of a so called celebrity's mouth. It amazing to me how people so willing to discount the words of the small guys to listen to the words of big guys. You had to be there. Earl Jones could play with anyone and hold his own. What is reality is that sports is political, if you are the chosen one no matter what you do it will be swiped away or twisted in your favor. The lesser known guys are the ones who have nothing to lose because most of the time there opportunity was taken from them. The part about Magic throwing passes at his head if you believe that I've got some swampland for sale. Stay tuned for the real story.

Article by Alex Eidman

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