June 8, 2009

Ringleader of the Hyperlocal Circus's CEO wants to be the bridge between bloggers and big media companies.

Benjamin Samuel

For years now, hyperlocal news has been touted as the great hope of publishing and the future of journalism. Although financial success has been elusive for hyperlocal hopefuls from Brooklyn to Biloxi, location-dedicated blogs have been appearing across the globe. But with so many placebloggers clamoring for attention, and so many places to cover, the hyperlocal landscape is difficult to navigate.

Enter, a blog aggregator launched in 2006 to help connect bloggers and readers interested in the same city block. "We aggregate content from more than 30,000 local media sources every day and organize them by neighborhood to provide a unique combination of information about what is happening right outside your front door," says Mark Josephson, 37, a Skidmore psychology grad who became CEO of after tenures at Seevast and

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