April 20, 2009

Cartoons for Big Kids

Web animator Dan Meth never met a meme he didn't like.

Benjamin Samuel

It was three years ago when Fred Seibert, a former president of legendary animation studio Hanna-Barbera, discovered Dan Meth. At the time, the cartoonist was producing ads for companies as varied as Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Jonny Glow, a manufacturer of toilet-illuminating stickers that glow in the dark. Though he was working for commercial clients, Meth hadn't gone unnoticed in the creative world, and in 2006 the industry heavyweight hired Meth to work at his Frederator Studios animation company. With Seibert’s backing, the animator launched what would become two of the internet’s most popular web series: The Meth Minute, a Streamy Award-winning mashup of pop culture and music, and Nite Fite, a news debate show spoof.

The inaugural episode of The Meth Minute, an animated musical tribute to the web's most notorious stars, received over three million views on YouTube alone, about as much attention as the dances and memes it parodied could ever hope for. With Meth’s baptism by pageview a virulent success, his series has continued through today.

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- Comedy
- posted on Jun 21, 09

great interview! keep em coming!

- Comedy
- posted on Feb 05, 10
Stephen Treadwell

What you said about Tom and Jerry having the same story over and over again really is not true. If you've seen on T&J cartoon you have not seen them all. It's Road Runner & Tweety & Sylvester cartoons that have the same story over & over again. T&J cartoons differ in plenty of ways. For instance Mouse in Manhattan is very different from any other T&J cartoons because Tom only appears in the end & the beginning.

- Comedy
- posted on Dec 30, 14
stephen treadwell

I definitely prefer T&J to T&S or RR. It's a lot more original, a lot less predictable, a lot more interesting, a lot nicer looking &, best of all, less one-sided. Besides it has better music.

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