August 16, 2012

He Hates Being Single in Brooklyn

Rob Michael Hugel's deadpan comedy takes a long look at the Brooklyn they left out of your guidebook.

Max Lakin

Rob Michael Hugel's Brooklyn is not the seat of Cool Kid power the New York Times would have you believe it to be. As the setting for I Hate Being Single, the popular web series Hugel created and starred in, Williamsburg is a place populated by pom-pom ski caps, fixed-gear bicycles, and people in no hurry to show up anywhere. The show's dialect of unease suggests the stilted conversations and protracted adolescence of Noah Baumbach's navel-gazing young adults in Kicking and Screaming, and yes, Woody Allen's navel-gazing (though less-young) adults of Manhattan.

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Article by Max Lakin

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