November 19, 2009

Pranking the Pants Off You

Charlie Todd, comedian and founder of public nuisance-makers Improv Everywhere, will go to extraordinary lengths for a chuckle.

Max Lakin

New York City-based comedy troupe Improv Everywhere doesn't do stand-up. You won't ever see them at Caroline's, and you can't buy tickets to future performances. If you hang around densely-populated locales long enough, however, you stand a decent chance of getting enmeshed in their next act.

Birthed in 2001 by Upright Citizens Brigade-alum Charlie Todd, Improv Everywhere operates by the creed of "causing scenes." And their estimated 10,000-large roster of participants do a good job of just that—getting moderately indecent on subway cars, neutralizing the Best Buy dress code, and generally just screwing with the sensibilities of unwarned passersby.

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