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July 11, 2008

Robin Hood in Reverse

TMZ, the celebrity gossip blog, has been copying stories from Courthouse News Service and passing them off as TMZ exclusives. This is disgusting, but not surprising—TMZ is not exactly known to be a paragon of journalistic ethics. Somewhat more disturbing, however, is that TMZ is owned by Time Warner, publisher of such venerable magazines as Time and Sports Illustrated.


One of the pilfered exclusives.

So TMZ is truly stealing from the poor to give to the rich. This strikes us as being analogous to, say, Time editors taking a Gelf article—how about this one? Tooting my own horn, I am—changing a few words, slapping their watermark on it and calling it exclusive. Now, we're not suggesting that Time would do such a thing, but we think it would be nice if the same standards applied to every part of Time Warner's media empire. Not that we really care about up-to-date news on celebrity babies, see; it's the principle of the thing.

Gelf has emailed Time Warner for comment; we'll update the post if we hear back. And that's a Gelf exclusive, no lie.

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