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June 9, 2008

Celebrity Baby Blog 1, Economist 0

Last week, People.com acquired Celebrity Baby Blog, an internet hub for the all-important topic of famous people's children. As TechCrunch pointed out, the deal makes sense seeing as People "knows that stories about pregnant celebrities and their babies sell." Actually, they sell quite a lot—Celebrity Baby Blog registered nearly seven million page views in April alone, according to comScore.

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Guess who?

Perhaps we're just out of the loop, but we really had trouble believing this thing was that popular. To get a random point of comparison, we asked comScore to compare Celebrity Baby to the somewhat more serious Economist.com. The result? The Economist gets just two million page views per month. Other serious news sites, like the BBC and the Washington Post, came out vastly higher, but still—the breadth and depth of America's celebrity baby obsession never ceases to amaze us.

Then again, we are sports fans, so maybe we should just shut up.

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