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July 11, 2008

Threatdown Dictionary

The economy is tanking, oil prices are soaring, and nearly all indicators show things are going to get worse before they get better. With so much to worry about, how will Americans keep track of all our various threats and concerns? Luckily, the press and cable news folks have devised clever alliterative mnemonics to help us out. Below, Gelf presents the Threat Down dictionary.

America Under Attack

Bad Beef

Credit Crunch

Declining Dollar

Earth's End

Fed Fumbling in the Dark—Money and Markets

Fumbling Fed

Gas Gouge

Housing Hold

Indian Illegals

Jumping Joblessness

Kidnapped Kids

Land Loss

Mortgage Meltdown

Nasty Neighbors

Oil Outage

Planet in Peril

Quivering Quakes

Reported Recession

Suffering Soldiers

Tweens a-twitter over 'High School Musical'—The Globe and Mail

Tweens Atwitter

Unexpected Unemployment

Violent Video Games

Worldwide Warming

X-Rated Ex

Year of the Yawn

Zero Zebras

Zero Zebras

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