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April 27, 2007

ESPN Doesn't Like ####, Fo Sho

Ever since ESPN started to allow readers to comment on articles on its website in February, it's had trouble figuring out where to draw the line. First, the site decided to stop allowing the "conversation" on Page 2, after a particular incident involving a certain Bill Simmons article (Deadspin). Then, the Worldwide Leader made it very difficult to comment on a particular announcement by John Amaechi. (That's since been rectified.) Now, they're forcing readers to come up with different synonyms for boring.

Even though ESPN allowed its writers to use the word "ho" after Don Imus used the term in reference to the Rutger's women's basketball team (have you heard about this?), it decided to censor reader comments that included the same term, rendering "ho" as "####."

ESPN was probably trying to filter out pejorative terms for women that are also synonyms for prostitutes. It probably wasn't trying to throw a wrench into well-thought-out replies to a TrueHoop discussion of who should have won the NBA's best defensive player award. Nonetheless, here's how ctobin8241's comment was rendered:

It has been a year of ####-hum defense this year, nobody really stands out as great like Ben Wallace has in the past. I think Camby is well deserving of the award, and they got it right.

Sadly, that means that there will also be no uncensored discussion of Santa Claus's catchphrase, the largest city in Vietnam, a certain Hawaiian musician, or a ####-hum John Wayne movie.

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