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April 27, 2007

The Next Bad Thing

If the creators of the new sci-fi premonition thriller starring Nicholas Cage could really see into the future, perhaps they wouldn't have named their film Next. Reviewers have taken the lame title for the equally lame movie and, predictably, turned it into a cutting criticism of the work. Here are a few headline samples:

'Next'? Go to the back of the line

'Next,' please
Baltimore Sun

Even without ESP, you'll be able to see what's 'Next'
Los Angeles Daily News

Next thriller, please.
Scripps News

Cage back with "Next" lackluster thriller

Don’t think too much or you’ll be ‘Next’
Worcester Telegram & Gazette

So you wanted a good movie? Next.
St. Petersburg Times

What's 'Next'? Goofy
Philadelphia Daily News

Next gimmick, please
Ottawa Citizen

The New York Post's Lou Lumenick didn't even bother with Next puns. Here's part of the headline to his article about the adaptation of the Phillip K. Dick short story. "Here's a prediction: You won't like it."

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