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January 3, 2012

The Fists That Shook the Sports World

Dave Zirin collaborated with John Carlos to tell the story Carlos never got to tell about what he intended, and accomplished, with a defiant fist he raised at the 1968 Olympics.

Alex Eidman

If you're at all familiar with Dave Zirin's work—if you've read his books, leafed through The Nation's sports issue he guest-edited, heard him speak, hell, if you've read any of his three previous interviews in this very publication—you already know what the man is going to say. It will be passionate, it will be thought-provoking, and it will be anything but the conventional sports conversation. There are certain issues where sports meets politics, let's call them Zirin points, where the mainstream media deigns not to tread. Issues like the unmitigated greed and corruption of sports owners, the lingering effects of racism in sports, and the hyper-regulation of free speech for athletes—issues that as soon as you register them, you can't help but imagine, as I do, a solitary man in Washington, DC, foaming at the mouth at the daily outrages that are occurring in the sports world.

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Article by Alex Eidman

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