September 2, 2008

Iron. Lion. Zirin.

Progressive sportswriter Dave Zirin takes on traditional sports histories in his new book.

Michael Gluckstadt

If anyone ever doubted the influence of politics in sports, the Olympic Games in Beijing offered an international-grandstanding, dissension-crushing, 51-gold-medal-winning proof that sports are often used as a tool by powerful people and countries.

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- Sports
- posted on Jan 14, 09
David Meggyesy

DZ the best of the young crop of sportswriters in the country. Thanks God we have him producing the amount of work that he does. Sport is a mirror, a social/cultural reflection of the larger society. Dave's work continually connects the dots and makes clear that relationship. It is why his work is important because people can see clearly these larger social issues through the lens and reality of sport.

Good interview!

David Meggyesy

Article by Michael Gluckstadt

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