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A Football Nation

Editor John Schulian discusses the Library of America's new anthology of American football writing through the ages.


The Game Remains the Same

One of today's leading college broadcasters takes a look back at the sport's formative years.


A Steroid Scandal Turned Bizarre Saga

Biogenesis was busted for supplying A-Rod with PEDs. Then things got weird.


The History of Jordan

Author Roland Lazenby discusses his comprehensive biography of His Airness.


Brazil Sells Its Soccer Soul

Firebrand sportswriter Dave Zirin shares what he saw at the World Cup protests in Brazil.


A World Cup Questionnaire

Greg Lalas of, Graham Parker of the Guardian and Grantland, and Alexander Abnos of SI and Howler answer all your soccer questions.


What To Make of Pete Rose Today?

Sports Illustrated's Kostya Kennedy explores Charlie Hustle's post-baseball quest.


A Team Lost but Hardly Forgotten

Grantland's Jonah Keri chronicles the story of his favorite team—the ill-fated Montreal Expos.


There's a Mr. Met In All of Us

Former Mr. Met AJ Mass tells all about what it's like to live beneath the mascot's famous oversized head.

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