December 30, 2007

Playing Left Wing for the Sports Commentariat

Dave Zirin, author of 'Welcome to the Terrordome,' tells Gelf about his progressive perspective on the politics of sport.

Michael Gluckstadt

A kid today could get quite an education just from watching SportsCenter every morning. Medically, he could tell how long Jeremy Shockey's broken fibula will take to heal. Financially, he could explain the value of Alex Rodriguez's contract, including bonus clauses and adjustment for inflation. Legally, he could detail the various state and federal laws under which Michael Vick has been indicted. But what he couldn't tell you—what watching SportsCenter doesn't tell you—is the complex relationship that sports has with politics. For that, he'd have to read Dave Zirin.

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- Sports
- posted on Oct 12, 09

calling him a liberal is a bad case of mis labeling. He is a marxist-trotskyite affiliated with a group called international socialists.

- Sports
- posted on Jun 16, 10

Zirin is a dyed in the wool Negropheliac.

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