March 22, 2008

The Assimilated Negro Speaks

Patrice Evans tells Gelf what it's like living in a blogger's paradise.

Adam Rosen

Blogs are like opinions; everyone’s got one. The digital revolution may have brought democracy to millions, but—mind you—sweet liberty is not without her price (in the form of Arrested Dogvelopment, for example). So within the literary cacophony of ranters, ravers, and nipple-shot posters, how do we effectively separate the viral from the chaff?

It helps to be funny. And Patrice Evans, also (and better) known as The Assimilated Negro, has been bringing the funny since late 2005, when he debuted his blog, What began as yet another indistinguishable block of HTML transformed into a wit-laden clearinghouse for those interested in dissecting and subverting modern race conventions.

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- Comedy
- posted on Mar 25, 08

Regardless of whether TAN is catchier than TAA, I, as a white guy, am not even close to calling a black guy a Negro, regardless of whether he gives me permission or not. Race relations are moving forward but we're not quite there yet. I equate it to my friend's parents in the suburbs of Baltimore, MD - when at their house, it's Mr. and Mrs. R, despite their attempts at less formal titles, such as, oh, their first names.

Assimilated African American -- I salute you.

- Comedy
- posted on Mar 25, 08
Brian's sister

I think Brian might be posting that comment out of fear that his website "The Assimilated Armenian" is in danger of copywrite violations.

Article by Adam Rosen

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