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April 23, 2008

Do Travel Writers Cut Corners?

A recent tell-all from a former guidebook writer reveals a myriad of potentially dubious journalistic practices. Do travel writers really engage in these actions? If they do, can we blame them?

Adam Conner-Simons

Recent controversies in journalistic ethics have typically revolved around major news organizations whose reporters take one too many creative liberties: Jayson Blair pretending to interview soldiers; Stephen Glass inventing entire companies at his leisure; and Bill O'Reilly simply opening his mouth to speak. The potentially deceptive practices of more niche-minded fields of journalism are rarely explored, but the issue has surfaced recently with the publication of Thomas Kohnstamm's Do Travel Writers Go To Hell?. The book outlines the former guidebook writer's experiences in the industry, from engaging in steamy trysts with Brazilian waitresses to peddling Ecstasy in order to make ends meet.

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Article by Adam Conner-Simons

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