January 31, 2009

I'll Tape When I'm Dead

How and why musicians keep producing albums long after their expiration dates.

Adam Conner-Simons

Their voices were singular, indelible, unforgettable; their personalities, magnetic and larger than life. Recognized by their first names alone, they were adored and revered among music fans until they met their tragic ends. And yet, like magic, they have somehow continued to come out with shiny new pop records—even five, 10, 40 years after taking their last breaths.

Earlier this month the soundtrack to the biopic Notorious hit the streets, with never-released demo cuts finally seeing the light of day. This week marks the release of Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes's Eye Legacy, the first album of "new" material from the TLC singer since the 2002 car accident that took her life. And rap forums are abuzz with rumors that another record is in the works from Tupac—a rapper who has had more material released since his death (six albums) than before it (four).

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- Arts
- posted on Feb 06, 09

Nice article!
And you might also mention the Beatles' infamous "Free as a bird" (where the three surviving Beatles sang along with an old soundtrack from deceased John). A pathetic dirge-like song, and a sordid effort to create a "new" Beatles song.

- Arts
- posted on Apr 05, 13
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