October 21, 2009

Reality Bites, Probably Tongue-Kisses, Too

Troy Patterson, TV critic at Slate, watches the worst in American entertainment so that you don't have to.

Matthew Patin

Big stuff happened in television in 2009: venerable silver-screen icons dropped like flies, grandma’s bunny ears became officially obsolete, and table flips were heard 'round the world. Guiding Light, the longest-running show in broadcast history, died after 72 years. And during the Superbowl, a semi-reptilian Alec Baldwin—in a character almost unmistakable from 30 Rock’s Jack Donaghy—introduced America to Hulu. These developments are truly unsettling, but one man is not afraid. Troy Patterson dares guide us as we tread into a brave new world of home "entertainment."

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Article by Matthew Patin

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