December 2, 2008

Fair is Foul

Gay pornographer Andy Fair discusses how getting off, New York City, and getting off in New York City have changed.

Matthew Patin

From his office in Chelsea, Andy Fair runs and the more subtly-titled, but no safer for work He claims that the two websites maintain an "NYC sensibility, with a DIY, amateur/homemade gritty feel." What lends smut an "NYC sensibility" is open to interpretation, though presumably much of what happens on Fair's sites won't fly in, say, Salt Lake City. What is clear is that DIY, amateur porn has drastically altered the pornscape, catering to endless tastes and filling countless niches, both literal and figurative.

Fifteen years ago, Toni Morrison told the Paris Review that "The forbidden word can be provocative. But after a while it becomes monotonous rather than arousing." Fair, 42, is doing his damnedest to make sure that the same doesn't happen to online porn. Gelf spoke with him to find out how arousal has spurred niche content, why porn shops have become relics, and why "gay for pay" is so lucrative.

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Article by Matthew Patin

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