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He Was Rick James, Bitch

Jason Zinoman investigates the art and life of Dave Chappelle—and why the comedian's blowup made perfect sense.


He Hates Being Single in Brooklyn

Rob Michael Hugel's deadpan comedy takes a long look at the Brooklyn they left out of your guidebook.


Putting a Bridge on It

With their web series Brokelandia, comedy duo Eric Silver and Sue Smith show that even the coolest place on earth has its flaws.


We Need to Talk about Me

Mark Sam Rosenthal, creator, writer, and star of the off-off-Broadway play I Light Up My Life talks about talking about himself.


For the Love of Gigli

Matt Carman and Kseniya Yarosh—creators of biyearly essay collection I Love Bad Movies—separate the good-bad from the bad-bad.


Pranking the Pants Off You

Charlie Todd, comedian and founder of public nuisance-makers Improv Everywhere, will go to extraordinary lengths for a chuckle.


The Bastard Child of Eustace and John

Farley Katz read six thousand submissions a week at the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest.


Cartoons for Big Kids

Web animator Dan Meth never met a meme he didn't like.


Fuck Everything, We're Doing Comedy

Joe Garden, features editor of The Onion, sees many razorblades in America's future.

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