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May 7, 2007

An Irish Hoops Odyssey

Rus Bradburd, the former UTEP assistant and Tim Hardaway's one-time mentor, learned about Irish fiddling, Gaelic football, and the proper pour of a Guinness in his tour of duty as coach of the Tralee Tigers.

Carl Bialik

There are thousands of college basketball coaches in the US. It's a safe bet that none are accomplished fiddlers and authors. Those are the new identities of Rus Bradburd, who left his job as UTEP's assistant coach to get his MFA and pursue his dream of becoming a writer. In 2002, the onetime mentor to Tim Hardaway and dribbling tutor to Shane Battier headed to Ireland to pursue his twin passions of writing and fiddling—specifically, he wanted to learn some Irish tunes. To pay for his trip, he coached a local professional basketball team, the Tralee Tigers.

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Article by Carl Bialik

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