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October 30, 2012

A Modern-Day Harvard Football Man

Eric Kester's experience in crimson wasn't quite as classy as legend would have it. So he mined it for comic relief.

Graydon Gordian

Harvard football holds a special place in my heart. My father played cornerback for the Crimson. A decade later, when I was young, my uncle was an all-conference linebacker at Harvard. Pictures of my father and uncle, broad-shouldered and lean, their shadowy faces set back deep inside their helmets, hang throughout my grandparents' home.

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- posted on Feb 25, 15
Scott Albert Johnson

I'm the kicker in that Harvard-Princeton game that you linked to above. I can certify that your uncle Joe was a great player and a prince of a guy. Tell him hi for me

Scott Albert Johnson (Harvard '92)

Article by Graydon Gordian

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