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January 3, 2011

Any Given Wednesday

The NFL looks a lot less like a videogame, and more like 'ER,' when the cameras are off midweek. Anthony Gargano offers a closer look at the brutal, brilliant sport.

Graydon Gordian

In the prologue to NFL Unplugged: The Brutal, Brilliant World of Professional Football, his frank, behind-the-scenes look at the National Football League, Anthony Gargano tells the story of a right tackle—"the bland side," Gargano calls it—who, while climbing into a cold tub after practice one day, slipped and fractured his tailbone. It's difficult to read Gargano recount the pain-filled nights during which the hulking, anonymous man was unable to sleep, or the games he played in a narcotics-induced, slightly less pain-filled haze.

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Article by Graydon Gordian

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