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Trials and Tribunations

Print media, much like the stock market, is suffering in part because of ill-informed speculation and your friends' goddamned negativity. All journalists need to do to save the industry is stand up and show some confidence. Confidence like the 115-page class-action lawsuit being filed by current and former LA Times writers against Tribune Co. czar Sam Zell, which cites, among other things, his systematic ruining of their lives and the lives of their children.


Wasilla Is Not An Outer Borough

New York's Republicans must be getting pretty desperate. We can't really blame them—can you remember who ran against Eliot Spitzer in 2006? Didn't think so—but nevertheless, when state McCain chair Ed Cox came out with the following gem, we couldn't help but scratch our head. Regarding Sarah Palin's recent visit to New York City, Cox told AM New York, "You talk with housewives and ordinary people, women from the outer boroughs, and wow, they really identify with her." Which raises this question: Has Ed Cox ever actually spoken with a woman from the outer boroughs?


Contact the Governor at

America loves its soon-to-be Supreme Overlord Sarah Palin. She's so much more interesting than the actual election she's involved in. Plus she's got infinitely more sordid and unlikely plot lines than other celebrity politicians. Did you know she backed an agenda for Alasaka's secession from the union? Or that she might be an anti-Semite? Wild. So it makes perfect sense that someone would not only think to hack into the moose governor's private e-mail account, but also think that anyone else would care.


CNN Chews The Fat, Misses The Meat

It's hardly original to point out that CNN often glosses over the big issues in favor of covering political infighting and other non-stories. But sometimes its producers' judgment is so egregious that it warrants attention. This week, in their election news coverage, they actively went through the footage of Barack Obama's speech on the economy and edited out nearly all the content related to his economic plan. What they left in was simply Obama's attack on McCain, blasting him for not having a concrete economic plan for dealing with the crisis, and skipping over the very issue to which Obama was calling attention.


Lipstick on an Elephant

The Republican camp has done an excellent job recently of being offended. It is, of course, not a genuine kind of outrage, but more the type of shocked-shocked!-I-tell-you indignity that is now a staple of this election season. McCain first broke out the outrage defense early last month when Obama warned that Republicans would try to scare voters by pointing out that he “doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.” The McCain camp was deeply disappointed that Obama had "played the race card" and "from the bottom of the deck," no less, as if the extension of that metaphor alluded to some kind of ultimate party foul on the old Oregon Trail.


Obama's Weight Problem (and Other Bogus Trends)

When a big trend story in a major newspaper about the presidential election strikes many people as laughable, at least one person as racist, and reminds still others of a satirical news segment, there's a problem. But the biggest problem is that trend stories based on offhand anecdotes are still published in the first place.


Dropping The Jägerbomb

The eons-long feud that has simmered between Staten Island and the Jersey Shore boiled over last week after a few ill-conceived remarks from a public official garnered coverage up and down the Jersey and New York shorelines. For those who find themselves in the good fortune to reside in areas where this story does not exist, here's a brief recap of the major events.


Blog Fights the Law, Blog Wins (For Now)

Room 8, a blog about New York politics, was served with a subpoena and an accompanying gag order in April by the Bronx DA's office, which was attempting to obtain information about the identities of anonymous bloggers and commenters. The subpoena centered on a blogger called Republican Dissident who made some critical claims about people involved in the Bronx GOP. (His posts have since been taken down.)


I am Hussein

A recent New York Times piece on an internet-based micro-trend amongst Barack Obama supporters got us thinking got us thinking about the linguistic ploy of saying "I am [insert person, place, or thing that you actually don't have anything to do with here]." See (yes, we're bringing back see, see, we're a corrupt, cigar-chomping Chicagoan now, like Al Capone or Hinky Dink Kenna), some Obama supporters are trying to express solidarity with the candidate by adding his much-maligned middle name to their own in their Facebook profiles. This is an familiar idea, of course—the Obama supporters profiled by the Times say they were inspired the films Spartacus ("I am Spartacus") and In & Out ("I am gay.")


And Lefties Shall Inherit the Earth

Good news for Ned Flanders (and ten percent of the population)—both Barack Obama and John McCain are lefties. That's unlikely, obviously, but what struck us as even more strange is the fact that four of the past six presidents have been left-handed. Yes, Clinton, Reagan, Bush 41 and Ford all were all southpaws. So were a number of other figures in recent presidential politics, such as Al Gore, Bob Dole, John Edwards, Bill Bradley, Ross Perot and Mike Bloomberg.

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