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September 22, 2008

Wasilla Is Not An Outer Borough

New York's Republicans must be getting pretty desperate. We can't really blame them—can you remember who ran against Eliot Spitzer in 2006? Didn't think so—but nevertheless, when state McCain chair Ed Cox came out with the following gem, we couldn't help but scratch our head. Regarding Sarah Palin's recent visit to New York City, Cox told AM New York, "You talk with housewives and ordinary people, women from the outer boroughs, and wow, they really identify with her." Which raises this question: Has Ed Cox ever actually spoken with a woman from the outer boroughs?

Sarah Palin
I can think of one woman from the outer boroughs he hasn't: My mom (OK, she's not a housewife, but it's close enough). After pointing out how condescending it sounds, she said this:

"Palin's playing 'Annie Oakley' to McCain's 'Maverick.' They both should enter the 21st Century."

Amen, mom. I also think it's something of a stretch to say that women from the nation's largest city would identify with a moose-hunter from Wasilla who burst unexpectedly into the presidential race.

Look, I understand that Cox, who in the same breath predicted a McCain victory in New York, is probably tired of running around telling the press that the sky is green. I'd just really like to see the state's GOP get its act together, lest New York become a one-party state and suffer the fate of Illinois.

(Photo of Palin in Kuwait, Iraq's outer borough, courtesy asecondhandconjecture's Flickr.)

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- posted on Sep 23, 08

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