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September 22, 2008

To Report or Not to Report?

Doyle Reports, a blog by Michael Doyle, a DC-based newspaperman, last week floated the possibility of some juicy gossip regarding John McCain's twentysomething daughter, Meghan McCain. Doyle wrote that one of his students attended high school with McCain and had some unflattering information regarding "uniforms, Starbucks, attendance, reputation and that time…" But Doyle didn't say more about this info. Instead, he hinted at it and asked whether or not he should go any further.

Meghan McCain

We asked Doyle if he had come any closer to making a decision, and apparently he has. "My view is that the high-school career of the daughter of a presidential candidate is irrelevant, even if she has thrust herself into the public debate," he said. We also asked him if seems OK to hint at this stuff, but not publish it, to which he replied, "I think it is reasonable to raise the possibility of inside information in order to discuss the journalistic principle involved. I don’t think it is reasonable to tantalize simply for the sake of being provocative."

That seems fair to us, though he could have referred to her as the daughter of a candidate without naming her. But what the hell, let's take a guess…Meghan McCain wore her Starbucks uniform to school, but didn't attend class, and, like her father, had a reputation for being a troublemaker. There—that's gotta be it.

(Photo of the McCain women courtesy er3465's Flickr.)

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- Media
- posted on Sep 23, 08

referring to her as "the daughter of a candidate" would still obviously point to McCain's kids, seeing as neither of Obama's daughters are yet high-school age.

- Media
- posted on Sep 23, 08

is "thrust herself into the public debate" a clue?

maybe she cut class to go streaking at a local starbucks?

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