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January 4, 2008

Feeling Their Oats

We can be thankful that the new year will bring us the election of a brand new president, but that day is still a good 10 months away. In the meantime, we've got months of discussion about the political "horse race" ahead of us, wherein the media tells us far more about candidates' polling numbers and momentum than anything resembling their platforms and plans. That seems to suit our current crop of candidates just fine—the equine metaphors have been flying for the last few months. One particular come-from-behind horse-of-the-people has been invoked in reference to no fewer than five very different candidates:

John Edwards, 1/04/08: "We are Seabiscuit."

Mike Huckabee, 1/04/08: "I feel like Seabiscuit."

The Daily (Ron) Paul, 1/03/08: "Are we riding Seabiscuit?"

CNN political analyst Paul Begala on John McCain, 11/19/07: "Well, here comes Seabiscuit."

Dennis Kucinich, 8/08/07: "I'm kind of the Seabiscuit of this campaign."

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