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January 4, 2008

Time for a Kucinich!

And the unanimous winner in the Iowa caucuses is … change! Nearly every major candidate cited "change" as the dominant force in Iowa, and the press followed suit. While change as a concept is politically neutral and entirely inevitable, it is being invoked as a specific set of undefined values, and referred to as if it were a candidate itself. In fact, if you were to replace the word "change" with the name of a lower-tier candidate—say, Dennis Kucinich—you'd get an interesting view of caucus night in Iowa.

The Candidates:

Barrack Obama
(Standing in front of a sign reading: "Kucinich We Can Believe In," with a raucous crowd behind him chanting "We Want Kucinich! We Want Kucinich!")
"You came together as Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to say that we are one nation. We are one people. And our time for Kucinich has come."
"We are choosing unity over division and sending a powerful message: That Kucinich is coming to America."

Hillary Clinton
"Today we're sending a clear message—that we are going to have Kucinich and that Kucinich will be a Democratic president in the White House in 2009."
"Together we have presented the case for Kucinich and have made it absolutely clear that America needs a new beginning."

John Edwards
"The one thing that's clear from this result here tonight is that the status quo lost, and Kucinich won."

Mitt Romney
"The message I got out of Iowa is that people said they want Kucinich."

Mike Huckabee
"Tonight, the people of Iowa made a choice, and their choice was clear. Their choice was for a Kucinich."

Dennis Kucinich
"Senator Obama and I have one thing in common: Kucinich."

The Press:

Obama Wins As Candidate for Kucinich
This one happens to be true

The Hill
Clinton Jumps on 'Kucinich' Bandwagon in New Hampshire

Globe and Mail, Canada
Deep Desire for Kucinich Dominates Iowa Contests

National Ledger, Arizona
Iowa Caucus Results: Kucinich!

New York Times
Call For Kucinich Shakes Up Democratic Field

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- Politics
- posted on Jan 06, 08
Myser (hack)

Hey Michael, you see now the republicans are hammering the freaking change, er, "Kucinich," message in New Hampshire?

I woke up listening to NPR coverage of that fact and nearly threw my radio through the window.

- Politics
- posted on Jan 06, 08

I think Iowa showed us that Kucinich isnt just for Democrats. After 8 years of Bush in the White House even the staunchest Republican has to admit its time for Kucinich in the White House. Like Bowie used to sing, "K-K-Kucinich, Gonna have to be a different man"

In all seriousness, I'm an Obama guy and after last nights debate even I dont think I could stand another mention of "change" without my head exploding. His message in Iowa was so successful that all the other candidates, in both parties, decided to adopt it, thereby diluting it and robbing it of any meaning. Either evil Rove-like brilliance in Hillary's camp, or people are reacting WAY too much to Iowa. I just hope the early success doesnt backfire on Obama.

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