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September 18, 2008

Contact the Governor at PoorDecisions@Yahoo.com

America loves its soon-to-be Supreme Overlord Sarah Palin. She's so much more interesting than the actual election she's involved in. Plus she's got infinitely more sordid and unlikely plot lines than other celebrity politicians. Did you know she backed an agenda for Alasaka's secession from the union? Or that she might be an anti-Semite? Wild. So it makes perfect sense that someone would not only think to hack into the moose governor's private e-mail account, but also think that anyone else would care.



Well, as it turns out the story made some news, which must have been gratifying for the likely psoriasis-riddled hacker, who was probably just looking for naked pictures of the potential VPILF.

Perhaps you've heard some chatter in the last few days? The backwards screeching of Sean Hannity, or maybe the familiar and comforting sound of the O'Reilly squad missing the point yet again? Every nuance of Palin's hacked e-mails has already been dissected, including the political implications, what it means to Wall Street, community organizers, the future of the Constitution, and how it proves Barack Obama is sexist AND reverse-racist. Wolf Blitzer's Situation Room imploded this morning, too.

But the revelation and awkward publicizing of her pseudo-official-sounding Yahoo accounts is actually relevant because, well, she had them set up to look psuedo-official, which is basically a violation of public record. According to Alaskan state law, e-mails related to official government functions must be archived and accessible, and they shouldn't be on Yahoo anyway.

The New York Times reported Sunday that shortly after she took office, Palin's aides discussed the benefits of using private e-mail accounts, with one assistant noting that messages sent to Palin's BlackBerry "would be confidential and not subject to subpoena."

Well, yeah, that's bad. The thread between her and her lieutenant governor, Sean Parnell—in which they carp about having to present their records to the media—and the fact that both hacked accounts were promptly and summarily destroyed don't bode well either.

What can we take away from this week's distraction from actual things? She types in caps and unnecessary exclamation points and other punctuation, just like your mom when she sends you e-mail. Do we really want someone who uses Yahoo! mail a heartbeat away from the presidency?

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- posted on Oct 06, 08
Marcel Dionne

senator obama has been in office for a little over 91 days,,,,, during this time he has in pork barrel items has presented 91 million dollars in pork.

Senator mCCain has been in office some 7,000 days and has 0000 in pork barrel. why is this not stated in your econo,ic statements/? C'mon maverick let it all hang out,,,,,,,,, In any case you have my vote,,,,,,,,,,, onward and upwards!!!!!!!!!!!

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