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August 26, 2008

When Amelies Attack

The Onion A.V. Club's Hater, Amelie Gillette, tells Gelf about the worst pop culture has to offer.

Matthew Patin

While Amelie Gillette's column/blog for The Onion's A.V. Club is entitled The Hater, her commentary isn't entirely bilious ruminations on the decline of Western Civilization. Sarcasm is to the A.V. Club what satire is to The Onion, and Gillette dishes it out plentifully as she opines on "nausea-inducing things that no one wants to care about, but everyone does anyway." Here's a quick taste of her Pop Culture Love Letters:

Dear Billy Bush: "What's it like to be a varnished marionette with a brain chip emblazoned only with the word 'duh' and covering the Olympics?"
Dear Tyra Banks: "Being impersonated by [you] for a weird photo shoot in a fashion magazine falls somewhere in between an honorary degree from the University Of Phoenix (Online), and receiving a random empty compliment from a panhandling street person."

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- Arts
- posted on Aug 30, 08
Teh Hata

So, in the great scheme of things, who the eff is she and why should anyone care?

- Arts
- posted on Mar 05, 10
Kirk Cameron Left Me Behind

You, dear sir or madame, are a cuntbot.

Article by Matthew Patin

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