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March 26, 2010

The Voice of Baseball Fans

Former Village Voice sports reporter Emma Span chose the wrong season to follow New York's bumbling baseball teams. So instead she turned her book inwards, on the life of a fan.

Nick Matros

When Emma Span—lifelong Yankees fan, former used-book salesperson, and Yale graduate—left her job writing copy for a website of straight-to-video films to become the sports reporter for the Village Voice, she crossed over from the world of the mere fan to that of professional sportswriter. Somewhere along the way, she successfully pitched a book for which she would follow New York's two Major League Baseball teams for a season hopefully destined to end with another Subway Series.

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- posted on Apr 06, 10

Man, everybody hatin' on Albom. You obviously haven't read his Peruvian translation, Fridays with Federico.

Article by Nick Matros

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