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April 2, 2008

Sixty Feet and Six Inches From Clemens

Baseball writer Jonathan Mayo tells Gelf about profiling Clemens through the men who have faced him, and why the Mitchell Report isn't mentioned in his book.

Nick Matros

Everyone who cares at all about baseball had an opinion on Roger Clemens. Some saw him as a gun-for-hire headhunter, with little regard for the feelings or the safety of those around him. Some saw him as the definition of work ethic, a man whose competitive drive brought him to represent excellence. His involvement in controversial beanings; heat-of the moment bat throwings; both sides of Red Sox-Yankees rivalries; and tailor-made contracts to take him out of retirement; consistently made him a talking point amongst sports fans. No one, however, would refute that he was one of the best ever to have taken the mound.

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Article by Nick Matros

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