March 12, 2008

Tamir Goodman Comes Back Home

Tamir Goodman, the original "Jewish Jordan," has returned from Israel to play ball in America.

Adam Rosen

When Gelf spoke with Goodman last year, he expressed his gratitude at being able to combine his two greatest interests, basketball and Israel. Recently, though, he announced that he would leave Israel's second-division Maccabi Shoham club to join the Maryland Nighthawks, one of 10 teams within the just-formed Premier Basketball League, a US pro league set to compete with the struggling ABA.

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- Sports
- posted on Mar 14, 08

We call my son the Jewish Jordan too. Tamir is a great person and will always have a place in my heart win or lose.

- Sports
- posted on Mar 18, 08
tamir goodman

I thank Adam Rosen,

Also Thank you Scott and I wish your son all the best.

Article by Adam Rosen

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