February 15, 2007

From Jordan to Israel

Former Baltimore hoops phenom Tamir Goodman—the original Jewish Jordan—is adjusting to life as the only Orthodox player in the Israeli professional leagues.

Adam Rosen

"Would you like something to read?"

"Do you have anything light?"

"How about this leaflet, Famous Jewish Sports Legends?"

Great Jewish athletes aren't quite as rare as the movie Airplane! would have you believe, but in the highest echelons of certain sports like basketball, Jewish jocks are certainly an underrepresented minority. So absurd is the notion of a dominating Jewish player, in fact, that when one comes along, it's simply not enough to compare him to any regular famous athlete: Only the most dramatic allusions suffice. Hailed with almost as much fervor as the parting of the Red Sea, the concept of the ‘Jewish Jordan’ has inexplicably captivated the sports media ( Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Farmar (a literal personification of the lofty nom de guerre) may be the current standard-bearer for Jewish basketball prowess, but Orthodox Jew Tamir Goodman, who was briefly but mightily exalted by the likes of ESPN and Sports Illustrated back in 1999, endures as the original.

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- Sports
- posted on Feb 19, 07

sweet article kid.

- Sports
- posted on Feb 22, 07

Amazing person.

He really shows the best in life.

- Sports
- posted on Sep 30, 07

Tamir is a role model. He should keep up the great work

- Sports
- posted on May 12, 08

What a shame. This guy has to be one of the biggest idiots in sports history. A complete imbecile who will one day regret his actions. He could've done a lot to raise money and make contributions to his denomination(check out the comedy movie 'Kingpin'). Instead he's chosen to "humble" himself and throw away a God given talent(!?) No wonder we no longer hear people sing his praises. SAD.

- Sports
- posted on Apr 14, 13

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