December 9, 2008

Sex Talk with Baby Sinead

For this precocious New York performer, the porn biz has its ups and downs.

Matthew Patin

When Gelf caught up with Baby Sinead late Sunday night, it probably wasn’t the best time to talk. An ascending alt-porn performer, the 21-year-old was riding out the type of horrid weekend from which to draw insight—or at least a shit’n’giggle—well down the road, but that, nonetheless, flat-out fucking sucks. She wasn’t paid for her work at a nightclub on Friday. Earlier on Sunday, she was hit by a car. (She’s OK.) This random piling-on of unlucky events—such is the occasional, frustrating price of living young in New York, America’s most unforgiving city.

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- posted on Dec 10, 08

Those Lego fornication prints in the picture tease should be made available for purchase.

Article by Matthew Patin

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