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December 9, 2008

Sex Talk with Baby Sinead

For this precocious New York performer, the porn biz has its ups and downs.

Matthew Patin

When Gelf caught up with Baby Sinead late Sunday night, it probably wasn’t the best time to talk. An ascending alt-porn performer, the 21-year-old was riding out the type of horrid weekend from which to draw insight—or at least a shit’n’giggle—well down the road, but that, nonetheless, flat-out fucking sucks. She wasn’t paid for her work at a nightclub on Friday. Earlier on Sunday, she was hit by a car. (She’s OK.) This random piling-on of unlucky events—such is the occasional, frustrating price of living young in New York, America’s most unforgiving city.

Baby Sinead. Photo by
"My blog is mostly about porn, naked girls, and my sex life because viewers are more interested in that. It's all about money."

Baby Sinead. Photo by

The nickname “Baby” arrived a few years back, when she was go-go dancing and hanging around bars despite the lack of “adult” certification. Also, she looks young. Sinead lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn, which is convenient, being just a neighborhood away from the Burning Angel studio in Williamsburg where she’s filmed most of her hardcore movies. Aside from performing, Sinead maintains her own popular website and blogs for Missbehave Magazine. In the following interview, which has been edited for clarity, she opines quite succinctly on what life is like for a sex professional in New York. [You can hear Baby Sinead and others speak at Gelf's free Non-Motivational Speaker Series event this Friday, December 12, in New York's Lower East Side].

GM: Much of your exposure and experience seems to stem from your beginnings as a go-go dancer in NY nightclubs. What was your first experience go-go dancing like? How did it lead to other things?

BS: [It was] fueled by drugs and cheap. Being a stripper is better—it's more money, power, and less drugs. Though my work in nightlife has only distracted from my focus on more important things.

GM: What brought you to the realization that you'd like to use your blog as something more than "random things, day to day life?"

BS: My blog is mostly about porn, naked girls, and my sex life because viewers are more interested in that. It's all about money.

GM: You mention that the nickname "Baby" came from you having a baby face. Do you think the name's helped you hone a certain marketable image?

BS: I never really cared one way or another about the nickname.

GM: What made you decide to switch from softcore to hardcore porn? Was it something you had thought about doing for a while, or did someone present the opportunity to you?

BS: I had wanted to [hardcore] since I was 18, but wanted to wait till I was older and more together to do it.

GM: What's it like behind the scenes? Does being filmed take away from the joy of sex? What are the stage directions like? "Fuck harder"? "Make this face or that face"?

BS: Behind the scenes on a porn shoot is like any behind-the-scenes at any other shoot, just with explicit sex. It can be time-consuming and boring, fun and exciting. Stage directions are more about placement of hands or positions. Being filmed does not take the joy away from sex.

GM: Have you ever had to have sex with someone on camera that you really weren't interested in having sex with, or does being filmed for money make that issue arbitrary? And is the sex you have on camera different than the kind you have off camera?

BS: No, but if I'm being paid it's a possibility. You don't always know ahead of time who you're fucking. That's just how it is.

GM: There's a few interesting entries you've Twittered. "I'm going to pursue a career in prostitution and then write a book about it." But that was promptly followed up with another tweet: "SARCASM guys! Jesus. I'm actually gonna become a hit man. And I'll be at PIP, probably in a corner pissed off and drinking." There are a lot of conservative blowhards who would liken prostitution to having sex for cash on film. How would you distinguish?

BS: The only difference is one involves a camera and one doesn't. I have no issue with hooking; I've had friends that do it. No biggie.

GM: You mention being broke a few times: "Chicago probably isn't happening, still haven't been able to find a PAYING job. so broke," for example. Sounds like the adult-film trade isn't always as lucrative as one might hope when getting into it.

BS: To date, I've done six scenes, and in September I took a six-month hiatus from modeling and porn to focus on school and photography. Given the cost of art school, living in NYC, and the economy—freelance jobs aren't exactly raining from the sky—my finances are tight.

Matthew Patin

Matthew Patin is a writer (sometimes) and editor (kind of) in New York City.

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Article by Matthew Patin

Matthew Patin is a writer (sometimes) and editor (kind of) in New York City.

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