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May 22, 2007

One Sports Fan's Dream Year

Jim Gorant soaked in the fan experience at 10 events, including Wimbledon, the Kentucky Derby, and the Super Bowl. Then he got paid to write about it.

Carl Bialik

Ohio State-Michigan made the cut. Alabama-Auburn didn't. Wimbledon beat out the U.S. Open. Regular-season games at Fenway Park and Wrigley Field were chosen over the World Series and NHL and NBA playoffs. And, somehow, the World Cup wasn't on the list.

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- posted on Sep 06, 07
Jonathan Evans

I notice that this article was posted back in may, granted it is now September. After reading this, I believe that Jim Gorant is one of the luckiest people around. Obviously, luck didn't have much to do with it given is complex background and years of experience in other areas, but as a Sports Journalism major, it would definately be my dream to experience events such as these. I am the typical American student who used to focus on the nuclear sports of our country - Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey. I do focus on all levels, whether it be pro, college, or minor leagues. I am from Erie, PA and we have an OHL Hockey team, as well as a AA Minor League Baseball Team. Just within the past couple years, I have become friends from places in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and several countries throughout Asia. I also know two brothers from Jordan who now reside in Sydney Austrailia. It blew my mind away to find out interesting information from other cultures world wide, especially on the sports circuit. I used to hate soccer - couldn't stand to play it (moreover because I wasn't good) and definately couldn't stand to watch it. Soccer has been brought to my attention by these friends and throughout the past year and a half I have really developed a great appreciation for the sport. It is the most popular in the world, and the level of competition throughout the world is outstanding. I watched the World Cup last year and made it one of my life time goals to get to one, because it looks to be an experience like no other. I have been to places such as Yankee Stadium, sat near the Dawg Pound in Cleveland, and watched the Indians world series team play in the 90's at Jacobs Field, but theres are merely scraped of what I would like to experience in my lifetime. It looks like Gorant outlined several amazing places in his book, and if I had the chance I would thank Gorant personally for putting his experiences out there. No true sports fan should go a lifetime without experiencing what the "world", and not just what "USA", has to offer.

Article by Carl Bialik

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