June 21, 2009

Making a Show of It

Artist and founder of the world's most popular cabaret drawing class Molly Crabapple gets sketchy with Gelf.

Adam Rosen

Chalk it up to the contemporary blessings of a 9.1% unemployment rate and increasingly uninspiring beer ads, but gazing longingly toward the past is hardly a conservatives-only diversion. The urban educated have their fetish for Back Then™, too, as seen most plainly through the celestial ascension of Mad Men and American Apparel.

Even more curious may be burlesque. In an era of on-demand quadruple-penetration shots, the licentious—but not even double-penetrating!—Victorian spectacle is currently one of the most popular forms of live entertainment in New York City. Artist Molly Crabapple (not her real name), a former burlesque model who now oversees an empire of cabaret-themed drawing classes, has had no small part in this.

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Article by Adam Rosen

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