April 18, 2007

Hip-Hop's Woman Problem

Filmmaker Byron Hurt talks to Gelf about his jeremiad against rampant rapper misogyny.

Adam Rosen


Got a bum education double-digit inflation Can't take the train to the job There's a strike at the station
—Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, The Message


I came here with my dick in my hand Don't make me leave with my foot in your ass (Bitch be cool)
—Mystikal, Shake Ya Ass

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- Arts
- posted on Apr 20, 07
V Brumby

Very interesting and informative article, nice to know that someone is concerned!However, maybe the key is not changing the music, but changing the homelife. I still love Snoop, but as an entertainer, not as a role model. For that, I have my parents.

- Arts
- posted on Aug 14, 08

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