June 13, 2013

From McSorley's, to the Philippines, to Grantland

In his soon-to-be-released memoir, and at Bill Simmons's website, Rafe Bartholomew is telling stories about sports and life.

Justin Adler

In 2010, Rafe Bartholomew told Gelf that his dream sportswriting job was "writing long, narrative sports stories," preferably about his passions of boxing, hoops, and, specifically, basketball in the Phillipines.

Three years later, Bartholomew fulfilled his dream and found his sweet spot as Grantland's senior editor, a position that allows him to pen narratives on domestic ball, Filipino basketball culture, and his favorite archipelago nation's favorite fighter.

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- posted on Jun 13, 13
Eric Angevine

I hope the team beat writers don't go extinct - they really are the only source for the really fine-grained information the rest of us will never find on our own. I'm sure they'll still exist, they'll just become part of some kind of concept or something.

Oh, and way to keep your pants on, there, Rafe.

Article by Justin Adler

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