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October 2, 2012

The Nearly Great Present-Day Inmate

Emma Span discusses Lenny Dykstra, including the good, the bad, and the bounced check to an escort.

Justin Adler

The inaugural baseball Hall of Nearly Great class contains 43 players, each with their own captivating careers and stories. Yet among all those included in the new e-book essay collection, only one enshrined member won a World Series title, was lauded as a great investor by Jim Cramer, and currently is bankrupt and incarcerated: the one and only Lenny Dykstra.

And who better to write Dykstra's chapter than someone whose favorite team won 27 World Series, who appeared on an episode of Jeopardy, and has written for Bronx Banter, Baseball Prospectus, and a myriad other baseball sites? Yes, Emma Span.

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Article by Justin Adler

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