May 14, 2008

Enlightened Consumerism

Author Daniel Radosh spent a year immersing himself in Christian pop culture. What he found—besides Gospel Golf Balls—was a sprawling and nuanced industry that caters to hipsters and preachers alike.

Adam Rosen

Confronted with a choice between Virtuous Woman perfume and a "Friends don't let friends go to Hell" T-shirt, it is not exactly clear what Jesus would do. Maybe he'd munch on a box of TestaMints while he was deliberating. Or perhaps he'd forsake all of these, settling, predictably enough, for a pair of "Follow the Son" flip-flops.

The above is but a tackier slice of the "Christian products" market, an enterprise whose value— an estimated $7 billion—would shock the devil out of any nonbeliever, were he actually paying attention. That's decent money, yes, but it'd be positively philistine to dismiss this niche as just another market, says Daniel Radosh, author of the recently-released Rapture Ready!: Adventures in the Parallel Universe of Christian Pop Culture. For evangelicals, "In the corporate arena you can't separate 'what I do to make money' from 'what I do to serve the Lord,' " he tells Gelf. "So rather than a conflict of interest … it is a single intertwined interest."

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Making money while spreading the Lord's good word - you can smell the evangelicapitolistic funk filling the air. This is American capitolism at its best! Unlike Judaism where it costs on average $10,000 to join a temple, Christianity its free to join a church, you just have to buy some golf balls or a table cloth that reads "Jesus is our Saviour." With the back ground picture of a dirty blonde, blue eyed, long haired, unshaved, unkept Israelite - presumably Jesus of Nazareth healing sick leprotic children.

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