January 19, 2009

Ball-Busting Bankers, and Other Tales

Amit Chatwani, scribe and skewerer of New York City's economic overclass, mulls the end of bottles, models, and the young men who love them.

Vincent Valk

Amit Chatwani is not a banker, though he does play one on the internet. Since 2005, he has chronicled the (possibly bygone) era of "M&A, sailing, modeling, squash, and aggressive spending” through his blog, The Leveraged Sell-Out. Like so many other niche humor sites with a devoted following, Chatwani's writing has jumped from the blogosphere, and last fall he published his first book, Damn, it Feels Good to Be a Banker: And Other Baller Things You Only Get to Say If You Work On Wall Street.

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- posted on Jan 20, 09

now that's a headline!

Article by Vincent Valk

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