June 30, 2008

The Rock Artist

On a lonely Staten Island beach, artist Douglas Schwartz creates cairns that are a blank canvas for those who stumble upon—and sometimes dismantle—them.

James Curcuru

It's a chilly and dreary morning on Staten Island's South Shore, but Douglas Schwartz approaches his studio with enthusiasm. He is alone except for a few tired-looking fishermen scattered around a fishing pier, and the bay's motionless water casts a somewhat somber tranquility on the scene.

New York City may be the art capital of the world. It is also the utter antithesis of untouched terrain, and the city prides itself on this identity. Among the myriad unknown artists in the city, few are as organically odd and off the beaten path as Schwartz. An avid naturalist, and one of the city's premier outsider artists (quite literally), Schwartz has been crafting his life's work miles away from anywhere that could be considered an artistic hotspot.

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- Arts
- posted on Jul 02, 08

Excellent work there, Jimmy!

- Arts
- posted on Jul 02, 08
Nestor Kirchner

I thought Jimmy-five-toes was causing trouble way down south? And this all strikes me as a bit...phallic. No?

- Arts
- posted on Jul 02, 08

How do you pronounce the mysterious Cairn?
I've found all sorts of ways online, but none seem definitive.

- Arts
- posted on Jul 02, 08

Nice article buddy.

- Arts
- posted on Jul 05, 09

Whenever I have visitors from out of town, I bring them down to the beach to witness the mystery of the cairns. I am little crestfallen to learn that there's such a mundane explanation, as opposed to aliens, satanists, etc.

One thing I take issue with: yesterday I noticed that someone had set up Tibetan prayer flags, and they have been there for a while. But Mr. Schwartz objects to someone spelling out JESUS with the stones. Biased, no? Perhaps Mr. Schwartz should take a strict anti-establishmentarian stance and keep all vestiges of religion out of his art. (lol)

- Arts
- posted on Jan 19, 12
douglas schwartz

We are down at Page Ave. beach and Huguenot Ave. beach every friday.

- Arts
- posted on Mar 31, 13

Nice piece. Good to get people out to see Schwartz's work and think about their own surroundings.

Article by James Curcuru

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