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March 14, 2006

Your March Madness Argot

For an unconventional guide to the players to watch this March in the NCAA tournament, you can turn to the Urban Dictionary. It's a self-edited online resource, but unlike Wikipedia, it allows for many truths, rather than one authoritative guide. So, for instance, the J.J. Redick-inspired urban slang "redick" can mean both, "An overrated basektball player from Duke who shot 4-14 in their loss to Michigan State in the 2005 NCAA tourney" and "Quite possibly the best collegiate shooter of all-time." (There's also the apparently unrelated definition, "In gay male slang, going home with the same trick more than one time"; and no mention of the famous beat poet.)

Other college-hoops slang:

Gerry Mcnamara
guard on Syracuse basketball team shots 3 pointers really well. is better than J.J. reddick

A secret weapon or hidden factor, in this case contained within the tattooed body of a 6-10 basketball player from West Virginia.

The motherfucking devil.

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