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June 29, 2007

The Da Vinci Phone

Like Dan Brown before them, the folks at Apple have created a product shrouded in controversy and apocryphal religious symbolism. Consider that June 29 marks not only the release of the iPhone, but also a major event in the Christian calendar: the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul. Then there's the fervor with which devoted fans have prophesied the iPhone to be fit for the Lord and Savior. While there may not be quite enough evidence to allege a conspiracy of Robert Langdon proportions, the zeal with which religious parlance has been employed in the media's and blogosphere's coverage of Apple's newest product is certainly suspicious. Earlier, Gelf chronicled the use of the term "Jesus phone." Now, let's get into the rest of the religious imagery:

San Jose Mercury News
"God put us here, it was meant to be.—Man waiting in line for iPhone in San Francisco

Wired News
…unlocking the iPhone is the holy grail of hacks.

London Telegraph
The Messiah phone cometh

Catholic Online
iPhone release 'religious' event—Is it God machine or tech tempter?

Knowing that other media outlets will be searching for the right mixture of apples and angels in their iPhone coverage, Gelf has come up with a handy list of ways to refer to the new device. Please add your own in the comments.

The iMaculate Contraption

Forbidden Fruit Phone

Handheld's Messiah

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