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June 28, 2007

Lady Justice Wears the Pants

This week, District of Columbia judge Roy Pearson lost his $54 million lawsuit against a dry-cleaning company for losing a pair of his pants. The ensuing news coverage proved that media outlets are no slacks when it comes to fabricating jokes on the fly. Here are some of Gelf's favorite corny headlines sporting pants-related puns.

Judge Aims to have Pants Suit Ironed out Next Week

New York Times
Judge Tries Suing Pants Off Dry Cleaners

Denver Post
Pants Suit was Worth Zip

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Torts and Trousers; Justice won't be Taken to the Cleaners

Washington Post
Kick in the Pants

Express (The free daily owned by the Washington Post)
Lost-Pants Trial Is a Stitch

$54 Million Lost Pants Suit Gets Put on in Court One Leg at a Time

Even in Victory, the Alterer of these Pants gets Cuffed

The Virginian-Pilot
A Crease in the US Legal System

Scripps Howard News Service
Lost his Pants; Now, Losing his Shirt

Associated Content
Roy Pearson's Traveling Pants

Thank God they weren't a pair of Capris—imagine the number of times Pearson's suit would have "come up short."

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