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November 15, 2007

Superman Dat Ho

In the most recent Sports Illustrated, there's a hilarious short article about 17-year-old rapper Soulja Boy's song "Crank That," which is played as a motivational anthem at stadia around the country. The song contains the phrase "Superman dat ho," which apparently has a lewd connotation that most teams' public-relations officials aren't aware of. According to the article, "It's widely known among younger Soulja Boy fans that Superman, in the context of the song, is slang for a sexual act that cannot be described on the pages of SI."

Luckily, it can be described on the pages of Gelf. According to the most highly ranked definition on the Urban Dictionary, the phrase describes "when you ejaculate on a girls back then put a blanket on her so when she stands up the blanket sticks therefore making her look like she has a cape." Further Gelf research indicates that for many people, the act of Supermanning someone can only take place after he or she is asleep and has denied you sex.

And, as one commenter notes at Stylerazzi, that knowledge makes the full lyrics of the Superman line more interesting: "Watch me crank that Soulja Boy and/ Superman dat ho."

Jerry Rice gets down to "Crank That."

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- Sports
- posted on Nov 16, 07

Thanks for the shoutout! I still cringe every time I hear this song. Someone PLEASE save our children! LOL

- Sports
- posted on Nov 17, 07

If you look up the lyrics to "Crank That", they talk about having sex with a girl (soulja boy up in dat ho), leaving the girl fast, (den Superman dat ho), letting his boy have sex with the girl and that boy giving her to another boy. And if the boy who really likes her tries to defend her he will be beat up(jockin on yur bitch ass) and if that is not enough he will be shot,(clockin on yur bitch ass) then they are all going to urinate on the girl (supersoak dat Ho)! HOW NICE, look at the lyrics, soulja boy is a phenomenon that should be banned, my 3 yr old neice loves soulja and has the dance down pat,all the childrens cartoons are singing "Crank That", Family Guy, Sponge Bob, Barney, Lion King. We have all been snowed by this young violent thug, God Help Us All

- Sports
- posted on Nov 27, 07
Darquez Sanders

I think that a straight up lie, that's just jealousy, and many people just don't want some one black to acheive in something.

- Sports
- posted on Nov 27, 07
matt covington

how many kids do you think acctually know what that means it doesnt matter people like it they can do what they want

- Sports
- posted on Nov 28, 07

It doesn't matter if kids know what these lyrics mean or not. How would you feel if your duaghter came home crying because some kid "Supermaned dat ho"? How would you feel if your duaghter was on the recieving end of "Supersoaking dat ho". I doubt you'd be very pleased. As a 30 y/o black man who grew up listening to Rap and hip hop, I am disgusted by the these lyrics and am now second guessing even letting my children listen to these songs. I am still a fan of Jay-Z, Kanye, Nas, and Common's music, but this new music today really upsets me. It's time to grow up folks.

- Sports
- posted on Nov 29, 07

Hey Darquez Sanders,
Black trying to "achieve something"???
WOW I feel sorry for you, if you think that they're achieving something by DAT.

- Sports
- posted on Nov 30, 07
Tony Young

I hate rap music but I would NEVER censor what any artist is saying, because it represents what that segment of that population is really thinking.

Just remember, the "c" in rap is silent.


- Sports
- posted on Dec 05, 07

Well i think the song is awesome... even if it includes having a blanket stuck to her back..he had to be naked... and therfore she got something out of the deal =]

- Sports
- posted on Dec 10, 07

hey Caitlyn... Can we "supersoak" you?

- Sports
- posted on Dec 14, 07


Superman dat ho indeed!

I can't stop laughing... I know it's crude n all... And the "Denied Sex" part i don't like.

But, Attatching a bed sheet to a girls back with male love juice... In her sleep... ROFL, The missus is in for a surprise!

- Sports
- posted on Dec 21, 07

I grew up in the 60's and 70's when free love, pot and all that stuff started...been there done that. but this junk they pass off as music now is really sad. I work with a young white woman in her mid 20's who plays this song ALL the time. I don't mind the tune, but what young women put up with now-a-days!! The lyrics and the pitiful way these guys DRESS! Over-sized pants hanging off their butt with boxers hanging out? REALLY! Girls, smarten up! You are the ones who can put an end to all the disgusting behavior. Just don't ANYTHING to do with a guy that dresses or behaves that way. End of story.

- Sports
- posted on Dec 24, 07

thankz 4 da 411..
But dis s0ng iz SO perverted....
Not ever1 knows wat it means but since i'm only 13 i will only dance it bcuz i luv 2 dance.......
LOL.. :)

- Sports
- posted on Jan 08, 08

"Daddy, some guy raped me in my sleep and ejaculated on my back. He was singing your song."

- Sports
- posted on Jan 20, 08

i dont care what people think of him.i am 12 years old and i have my own opinion on this.i listen to his music ,i can do the dance,and i think he is sexy.if i could i would let soulja boy and his friend arab supaman and supasoak me.thats what i have to say.

- Sports
- posted on Jan 23, 08

To the previous poster, you said you're 12 years old? You shouldn't know the meaning of sexy! Ridiculous! Parents need to monitor what their children are doing, including what music they are listening to. This is why we have so many children having children - don't have children unless you are going to become a parent! My goodness!

- Sports
- posted on Jan 24, 08
Charlyn Harris

The entire song has been blown out of proportion!! I read an article in VIBE about Soljah and he stated that he was at home bored when he made the song and posted it on YouTube.com and he never expected it to blow up like it did-but it blew up nonetheless. So,let the boy have his 15 minutes of fame--in 3 years cranking that Soljah boy will be a thing of the past.So CRANK THAT!!!

- Sports
- posted on Feb 10, 08

Wow! My 50 yr old co worker has it on his phone and he thinks it means to "have rough sex" with a woman. I am so uninformed about slang. This website was actaully useful in clearing up the meaning of supermanning a ho. talk about getting hip hop ed!

- Sports
- posted on Apr 26, 08

solja boy send some pics of your dick

- Sports
- posted on Aug 24, 08
reality check

Truth is this supposed 'meaning' has been applied after the fact.

'Superman' never was a crude sexual term.
The chronic lack of any meaning in the songs lyrics have allowed others to attach their own, allowing the 'Superman' sex act explaination to spread by way of an Urban Legend.
However, 'Superman' is now likely to have that connotation for ever after due to the rapid spread of this falacy.
But like I say, it never had that meaning before the songs popularity, and like the 'Dirty Sanchez' it isn't really an act that anyone actually practiced, other than by way of acting out the phrase once it's 'meaning' was understood.

- Sports
- posted on Nov 14, 08

um yall are a bunch of rude people. yall hatin on him. he is bringin hip hop and rap back. i love his music no matter the lyricsss. sooo mupermannn youuu hoeeee. damn. fuckk niggas

- Sports
- posted on Jan 23, 09

If everyone on here who doubts what it means look it up on the Urban Dictionary.

- Sports
- posted on Mar 25, 09

Damn isn't Soulja Boy like 18?

- Sports
- posted on Nov 18, 10

soulja boy sucks compared to REAL rappers that actually dedicate time to write music. you cant even find real instruments being used on albums nowadays. last rappers i enjoyed listening to were bone thugs. Doug E. Fresh, Grandmaster, Ice T...snap even too $hort has more talent then this fool...

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