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May 27, 2008

Practicality is a Sacrifice!

Memo to the New York Times: The TV show Friends was not an accurate representation of real life. We kind of thought everyone knew that, and we certainly thought the nation's premier newspaper knew it, but apparently we were wrong. If you are going to continue in your semi-obsession with New York's hip, young, and white, please keep that in mind.

Moica's Apartment

It's a hard knock life.

An article that appeared in this past Sunday's paper marveled at the sacrifices twentysomethings—even those who make what should be decent salaries—make to live in New York. These sacrifices include impulse shopping, pedicures, fancy restaurants, expensive haircuts and having lots of clothes. And, yes, the Times actually referred to going without these things as "sacrificing." We always called it "being practical," (even if you don't live in New York), but hey, if the paper of record wants to call it "sacrificing," we're all for that. It makes our life sound a lot nobler, like we're living on stale bread during the Depression so our family can split that tiny slab of meat we swept from the dumpster at Tavern on the Green. We're silent, stoic heroes, sneaking our flasks into dive bars and calling our friends on our unhip, no-frills cell phone!

So, innocent readers, perched in the comfort of your living rooms, we can tell you that it hasn't been easy. The laptop with which we are writing this post is several years old. We've sat through countless non-organic lunches and endured scores of bad haircuts. And, like one of the heroes of the article, we, too, have foregone Peter Luger's delicious steaks. But in this non-fictional life, where the hottest gadgets cost hundreds of dollars and the hippest bars charge ten bucks for a gin and tonic, hard choices must be made. We know you're all probably marveling at how we've managed to get by with only three pairs of jeans, but, truthfully, it's just our nature. We're the sacrificing type. Really.

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